Artist's Bio


Imagine living in a world of your own making,

surrounded by images drawn from the beauty of creation and your own imagination. That world exists for me every time I paint.

I have spent most of my life in creative pursuits. I studied art at Huntington University and Bradley University. After careers in interior decorating and writing, I began to focus on painting and spent the next years attending professional workshops. The methods that I now employ are my own inventions, derived through years of practice and experimentation. Most of all, I have taught myself to “paint from within”, trusting my own instincts and allowing spontaneity in my work.

The natural world is overflowing with possibilities for art. I become overwhelmed at times at the beauty that surrounds us all. Existing in a confused culture, I choose to focus on what is lovely and pure. It is my hope that my work inspires others to recognize the tranquility that nature provides and teach ourselves to embrace it.

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